What is PTQuickPics?

Simple Photo Printing From Any Device

Whether you own a small business, are hosting an event or operate a chain of restaurants, PhotoTouch QuickPics can help turn your customers into brand promoters with the power of photos.

Getting started is quick and easy. Simply choose from two options – text to print or upload to print, and upload your company’s assets and campaign information in our guided set up process. Both options automatically apply your company’s branding to the photo, digitally upload the image to a customizable microsite for social sharing, and print a hard copy of the picture for you to provide to guests. Plus, all of our pricing plans come complete with easy-to-understand analytics, so you’ll be able to easily see the impact and success of your campaigns with the click of a button.

Text to Print
Send It
Want to have your customers text an image for on-site printing? Simply direct guests to text their images to a phone number with a campaign keyword of your choosing. Texted photos are automatically uploaded to your campaign microsite and printed with your company’s branding. Customers who text photos receive a text back that directs them to view their photo online. This option works best for companies that have physical locations, like restaurants or stores.
Browser to Print
Print It
Looking for a way to upload and share a number of photos at once from a group of people? Our Browser to Print option allows you to provide guests with a custom code that they can use to upload, print and share individual images or albums of images on site. Similar to the Text to Print option, photos are branded and automatically printed for guests. This option works best for companies and people who are running events, like wedding or event photographers.

How it works.

Check out how simple it is to run a PhotoTouch QuickPics campaign

PTQuickPics Pricing

We have plans that fit every business’ needs. Take a look at the plans below to find a perfect fit for your brand.


Features Include:

- Photo and Microsite Functionality*
- Photo Downloads
- 1 Active Location
- 1 Total Location
- 1 User
- Online Only Support
- 30 Days of File Storage
- Uploads are Free!

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*PhotoTouch branding included.

Features Include:

- Custom Branded Photos
- Custom Branded Microsite
- Photo Downloads & Sharing
- 2 Active Locations
- Multiple Users & Locations
- Online & Email Support
- Phone Support for Initial Set Up
- 180 Days of File Storage
- Real Time Metrics

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*Standard Plan Offered at a Special Introductory Rate.

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